What Is Runtime Error R6034 And How To FIX IT? [Updated 2018]

What Is Runtime Error

What Is Runtime Error R6034 – Windows are most used computer operating system. They are user friendly and offers an easy to use interface. But sometime windows show hiccups during functioning. One such hiccup is faced in recent times is What is Runtime Error r6034. This error occurs when and application/software fails to load C runtime library. I faced this error using Picasa which was running fine on my PC for years on end until last week. But a week ago when I started Picasa my windows rebooted and shown Runtime Error r6034.

Here in this article I am listing all possible fixes I came across while fixing my windows PC. Firstly I uninstall Picasa and reinstall it. But reinstalling latest version could not help me in fixing the Runtime Error r6034. Then I searched for an hour or two to learn about what cause error r6034 and how to fix this error.

Few facts about What is runtime error

  1. It can be caused by any application/software.
  2. Runtime Error r6034 is a common windows error.
  3. Windows will tell you to contact the maker of application to resolve this issue. In most cases you can fix it on your own without contacting the creator of application.

 What Caused Runtime Error r6034

This error is mainly caused by software issues or conflicts. It can also be caused by conflict within terminate and resident programs and memory usage faculty.

So we knew what are the main reason behind this error. They may seems very techy but you can fix it on your own. So we cut the crap short by giving you the possible fixes for runtime Error r6034.

How to Fix Runtime Error R6034?

Here are several ways to fix this error. You can try them step by step to see which one works for you.

  • You can use RegCure to scan and fix registry errors to fix this issue on your PC. RegCure is one of the best cure for your registry errors.
  • Disabling startup applications can also fix runtime error R6034.
  • Renaming all dll (dynamic link library) files on your computer can fix this error.
  • Reinstall the program which causing this issue on your computer.
  • Run your computer in safe mode.
  • Do a full scan of your computer with any well reputed antivirus to find and fix issues caused by viruses/malwares.

What Is Runtime Error R6034 And How To FIX IT?

I hope all above mentioned steps will help you About What is runtime error r6034. This fixing process also removes any other registry errors and viruses from your computer. During all this process you learned what caused this error and how to fix Runtime Error r6034. Don’t forget to tell which step fix the error for you and which programs caused this error on your PC. I will update this article in future by adding more information about fixing runtime error R6034.

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