MSVCP110.DLL is Missing – Windows is the most used operating system across the globe which makes windows vulnerable to viruses, malwares, errors and all kinds of threats. In this article we are going to discuss a common windows dll error “The Program can’t install because Msvcp110.dll is missing from your computer. Try reinstalling the program to fix this problem“ and ways to fix it.

This reason you end up here is above mentioned highlighted text which might appear on your PC screen in a pop up. This error occurs often while installing a program or during shutdown or startup of PC.

What caused Msvcp110.dll Is Missing Error?

The main reason behind windows errors is Registry problem. Msvcp110.dll might get corrupted or affected by malware which makes it undetectable by windows. You can also get this error due to hardware problems.

Msvcp110.dll Is Missing From Your Computer. How Can You Fix It?

There is no certain way to fix Msvcp110.dll missing problem. We have to test every possible method to solve this problem. For this I have spent time and collected all possible fixes.

  1. You might accidently delete msvcp110.dll file which is causing the error. Check your recycle bin. Restore msvcp110.dll file to fix the problem. Move to next step if you don’t find the file.
  2. You can always retry installation of program if you got this message during an installation. Move to next step if problem persists.
  3. Download and install Visual C++ Redistributable For Visual Studio from Microsoft website. In most cases this will resolve the issue. Try installing the program to see if error is gone. If not follow below mentioned steps.
  4. If you have created any recent system restore then this is the right time to restore the system to a perfect working date. Move to next option if system restoration is not available.
  5. If the problem persists up till now then this is an indication of a registry problem. You can download any registry cleaner and optimizer (I recommend RegCure) to fix your problem.
  6. I Hope the problem is long gone now. But if it persist, the last measure we can take is by cleaning viruses and malwares with help of a any good antivirus. Do a full scan of your PC with any available antivirus to delete errors caused by virus/malware. I hope this step fix the issue.
  7. Reinstall windows on your PC/laptop if all above mentioned steps did not help you. Reinstallation is the last option to fix this error.

Let me know which above mentioned step helped you to solve Msvcp110.dll missing pop up error on your windows PC. I will update this article time to time by adding more ways to solve this Msvcp110.dll is missing from your computer error. For now I suggest you to keep your personal computer error free by keeping up to date antivirus and by fixing registry error with RegCure.


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