How To Crash WhatsApp – WhatsApp is the best and biggest same platform free messaging application for both mobile users. Recently Facebook bought WhatsApp for almost 19 billion USD. They also added cool features like video and voice calling, WhatsApp status and many more are still under testing process. But here I am going to show a simple trick to crash your friends WhatsApp account by sending a simple message. Their WhatsApp stop working once they received this message and they have to force stop WhatsApp application to release their mobile from a complete hang.

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Note: This article is only for educational purpose. Don’t use this information to cause havoc in other’s lives.

Step By Step Guide To Crash Friends WhatsApp Account

  • Download WhatsApp Spam Bot on your PC By clicking here.
  • Double click setup to run WhatsApp spam bot on PC.
  • Enter text message which you want to send to your friend in empty field of spam bot.
  • Now choose the rate of message per second. I recommend to set it as 2000 m/s.
  • Open or download WhatsApp for PC on your computer. Login using QR code.
  • Open victims chat, click start on your Spam Bot and click on “type a message” box in chat of your victim on WhatsApp web.
  • Now flooding of messages will start which defiantly hang up the device of your victim.
  • You can stop sending messages by clicking stop on WhatsApp spam bot.

How To Crash WhatsApp  | Crash Your Friend’s WhatsApp Account

You can send flood messages in group chats to hang almost every mobile which is in this group chat.

How to release your mobile from WhatsApp message bombing?

The only way to release your mobile by following below mentioned steps.

  1. Right click on chat and stop notifications of messages from the sender.
  2. You can also block sender WhatsApp from your account which will stop messages immediately.
  3. After that you can go to settings  applications find WhatsApp and click on force stop to kill WhatsApp application for a specific time period.
  4. You can also shut down your device from power button or by removing battery if power button is not working.

All above mentioned precautions can be used in case of any application or carrier based SMS Bombing.

How To Crash WhatsApp 2018 | Crash Your Friend’s WhatsApp Account

Note: We are not responsible for any harm cause by SMS bombing. It can cause permanent hardware damage or operating system can also crash. In some cases device heats up to enormous extent.

I hope you use this information for good use only by learning how to protect yourself from sms bombing and how to save yourself from crashing your mobile during this process.

For now this is the best and latest way to crash your friends WhatsApp using sms bombing.


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