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Facebook Phishing Page – Phishing is one of the oldest and most used methods for hacking email, social media and bank accounts. But we all need a hosting to make our phishing pages live. But many free and paid hosting companies would not allow us to use them for phishing. They block our accounts as soon as someone reports our phishing link. To avoid such headache we use Wapka. Wapka is a site we can use from our mobile or laptop to create Phishing pages. Wapka also let us perform phishing attacks without blocking our account.

So let’s see how can we create a Facebook Phishing page with help of Wapka. You can follow below mentioned steps to create a Facebook phishing page with wapka.

  • Open wapka.com on any browser. Click sign up. Fill up the required information and create an account.
  • Verify your account from email. You can use disposable emails to create such accounts.
  • Login Wapka account from their website.
  • Click on “create a new site”. Name the site to create a new page. Now click Manage.
  • Navigate to basic settings others check the option “allow fast access to edit functions” and click on change settings.
  • Now you can go back to main menu and select admin mode to proceed further.
  • Select Change Title from drop down menu and click add. Enter “Welcome To Facebook” as title of your page in first box and click edit title to proceed further.
  • Select wml/Xhtml from drop down box and click on add to add code of your “Welcome To Facebook” page.
  • Download code by clicking here. Paste this code to create a Facebook Phishing page.

if Still You are Facing any Issue Click Here 

The phishing page will appear as the name of your site. You can test this phishing page by entering any email and password to login to Facebook account. You can see this email and password in your wapka account. You can further send this page to your friends, family members and trusted contacts to see if anyone of them login their account using this page.

Create Facebook Phishing Page Using Wapka 2017-2018

Note: I share this information only for educational purpose. Any action you perform after learning through my website is your own responsibility. Hacking Facebook and other social media accounts is an illegal act and you can end up in jail for breaching privacy of others.

I hope you learn how to create a Facebook Phishing Page Using Wapka to satisfy your curiosity. For more keep visiting. I will update this article to add more interesting ways to create fb phishing page with help of wapka and other similar sites. Don’t forget to mention your favorite method to create a Facebook phishing page in comments.


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