Fake ID Card For Facebook

Fake ID Card For Facebook – Facebook is taking measures to improve security for users. One such measure is disabling accounts. The reason Facebook disable any account is as following.

  1. Using fake name, identity, and profile pictures.
  2. Using names of celebrities.
  3. Sending request to unknown people.
  4. Spamming by sharing links of website and videos you own.
  5. Using bots to perform any task.

Facebook ask user to submit identity verification documents i.e identity card, passport, student card, residence permit or tax department card. Now you can face a big problem if your real and Facebook name is different from each other. In such cases providing your real identity card will either not unlock your account or you have to change its name.

Create Fake ID Card For Facebook To Unlock Your Locked FB Account

Now the only option is to use Photoshop to create a Fake Identity Card for Facebook verification. You can use a simple Android application if you don’t know how to use Facebook.

You can download and Use Fake ID Generator application on any available Android device. It is as simple as filling up a form which in return generates a Fake Id to unlock Facebook account. You can follow below mentioned steps to generate a fake id using Fake ID Generator.

  1. Download and install Fake Id generator from Google app store.
  2. Select the type of ID you want to generate. You can create personalized identity card, police id, student card, credit card, FBI ID and many more.
  3. After selecting type of card enter your name and date of birth your associate with your Facebook id.
  4. Add your signature to make it look real.
  5. Choose your country. Make sure you choose the same country you mentioned in your fb profile.
  6. Upload your face portrait photo. Make sure your upload a picture in which your face can be seen clearly.
  7. Now click on save and generate to view your identity card.
  8. Now you can upload this id on Facebook as identity proof. Facebook will review your submitted ID and information in your fb profile and unlock your id within few working days.

Note: Fake ID generator does not save your personal information and pictures. You can use this application on any android gadget which is using android 4.0 or any version which comes after 4.

Create Fake ID Card For Facebook To Unlock Your Locked FB Account

I hope fake id generator will help you to generate fake id Card for Facebook. You can also use this id to prank any of your friend by creating their fake id card. For more subscribe to newsletter. Also share your favorite method to generate Fake ID cards in comments.


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